IBM Bluemix. 2월 1일부터 Diego 아키텍처로 강제 변환 시작

2017.01.27 15:30IT 정보/IBM Bluemix

지난번에 말씀 드린 적이 있는 Diego 아키텍처에 대해서 Bluemix 팀이 2월 1일부터 미전환 사용자에 대해서 강제 전환할 것이란 메일을 Bluemix 사용자에게 일괄적으로 발송하였습니다. 기존 DEA 아키텍처에서 Diego 아키텍처로 변환될 경우 일정 시간 순단이 일어납니다. 즉 서비스가 원치 않는 시점에 강제 종료될 수 있기 때문에 Diego로 사전에 스케줄을 잡아서 변경할 것을 권고하고 있습니다. 아래는 원문입니다.


We are writing because you have a Cloud Foundry application running on Bluemix Public that needs attention. This is a reminder, as already communicated in December, that a new version of the cloud platform architecture from the Cloud Foundry Foundation, called Diego, is being released and updated into IBM Bluemix Public Cloud Foundry. This new architecture replaces the existing Cloud Foundry Droplet Execution Agent (DEA)-based architecture with a set of capabilities that enhances the application development experience and features new capabilities for hosting and constructing cloud platforms, like IBM Bluemix.

As part of this Cloud Foundry update, applications are required to be migrated to the new infrastructure. We strongly encourage you to conduct this migration yourself so you can test and validate your migrated applications. However, IBM Support will initiate this migration for each application, if not already done, according to the schedule below.

Here are the important dates to be aware of:

January 2, 2017 — Diego went live in Bluemix Public
• All new application deploys now default to the Diego architecture.
• Existing apps running on DEAs will stay on DEAs (until moved)
• January is the time for application owners to move their applications to Diego with the provided instructions and validate proper function.

February 1st, 2017 — IBM initiated application migration to Diego begins
• Applications still running on DEAs will be migrated in stages onto the Diego architecture beginning in February by the Bluemix Operations team.
• To avoid possible application disruption or outage you should self-migrate your applications to the new Diego architecture before this date.

Additional steps and timelines will follow this Bluemix Public migration for the other Dedicated and Local Bluemix offerings.

We highly advise you self-initiate the migration to accommodate your own timing and facilitate resolution of any problem you might encounter. If you log into the Bluemix user console and look at your Cloud Foundry apps, you can see which ones have the “DEA” tag next to them and need to be migrated.

For a summary about this change and to learn more about Diego, please see the blog posts, “We’re upgrading Cloud Foundry from DEA to Diego architecture” and “Bluemix Cloud Foundry Diego is live.” For full instructions on how to deploy an application on Diego, see the Application Deployment docs.


— The Bluemix Team